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How is Infatuation different than Love?

Are You in Love? Or Just Infatuated? What's the difference between being in Love and being Infatuated?

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It is common to confuse infatuation with love, particularly at the start of a relationship. When a relationship is new and fresh, the infatuation can consume your life and leave you feeling blissfully in love. This, however, is generally not the case. Love requires time and patience and does not come over night.

At the beginning of any relationship, it is normal to feel excited and happy. Your surroundings become more cheerful and optimism fills your heart. You hang on your partners every word and find their stories captivating and charming. These feelings are often confused with love, however these are the symptoms of a crush and this is generally how relationships start.

The butterflies in your stomach and the sense of euphoria are results of infatuation. When in this state, chemicals in the body are released and dopamines are activated. Biologically, this is how partners are chosen guaranteeing the continuation of the human race.

Love, however, is a sensation that is much more complex. It takes times to build, is hard work, and requires patience and mutual respect. While infatuation eventually fades, a relationship cannot endure based on this feeling. Infatuation may provide a more powerful sensation, but love provides a stronger emotional connection. In short, if you are fortunate, love occurs once infatuation declines.

What differentiates infatuation from love is the duration of the feeling. Infatuation can generally be sustained for a few short months, whereas love has the ability to last a lifetime. During infatuation, both parties are happy and willing to keep each other joyful. Each act brings you enjoyment and gratitude. Love, on the other hand, is about cooperation and compromise. What you do for your partner is decided based on fairness and equality.

In reality infatuation is blinded by being on your best behavior. During this time in your life everything is perfect and all disputes and differences are avoided to maintain the harmonious relationship. Love is not as simple. When love enters the relationship, partners begin to show their true selves. Disagreements could arise and flaws become more apparent. The reality of each partner is revealed and acceptance of who they are is reached.

There is often confusion between infatuation and love but they are quite different. Infatuation is the feeling you get when you bring home a new car, whereas as love is the feeling you get when you sit in your old car, the car you’ve had since college. This is very much like relationships. When the initial infatuation fades, comfort and compromise set in and love is born.

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