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What's the difference between Judaism vs Zionism?

What Makes Judaism Different From Zionism?

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What is Judaism?

• It is a term that refers to the faith of Jewish people.
• It covers Jews who live in different countries such as the United States and Israel.
• Believing in Judaism means following everything that’s written in the Torah which is the holy book of the Jewish people.
• It means taking pride in the history of the Jews.
• It means having a more nuanced approach towards life.
• It means having dignity and peace all throughout the life of a Jew.
• It is to live simply as much as possible.
• Any sectarian, political or national agenda is not present in Judaism.
• God’s will is the force which makes things happen in the life of every Jewish people.

What is Zionism?

• It focuses on a certain state which is exclusive for Jewish people only.
• It is an outlook that is extremely fundamentalist.
• The Zionist movement was formed during the late 1900’s to stop the suffering of the Jews and help them get back to Israel whether they like it or not.
• However, the movement was only fully supported by the Jews after the World War II.
• If you are a Zionist, then you are a Jew. However, being a Jew doesn’t necessarily make you a Zionist.
• Zionists have strict exclusivist visions.
• They don’t have the same perception with all Jews.
• They claim the God requires His people to excel in high technology and military strength.
• They fantasize about the roots of one’s race.
• They know little about their race.
• However, they truly hate their past conquerors especially the dispossessed Palestinians.
• They believe that Israel is only for the Jews as well as the other lands which were conquered by people from other foreign countries.

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