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How is Socialism and Communism different?

What are the main Differences between Socialism and Communism?

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Socialism and communism are two ideological doctrines. These two have things in common though they also differ in some ways. One way to set these two apart is that socialism is mainly about economic system. On the other hand, communism is both about economic and political system. The manner to which production is done is similar with both systems. It is how the resources and money is distributed is where they two systems differ. In a community where socialism is observed, the amount of resources and money given to each person is based on his input or how much work he has done whereas in communism the amount of resources and money given to a person is based on how much he needs. Some people think that communism is just like socialism in a way, only more extreme.

Socialism aims to manage economy by means of deliberate and collective social control. Communism seeks to manage economy and society by making sure that the property is collectively owned and that the resources are distributed equally regardless of class. Communism sees to it that people get the same treatment and share in everything no matter what their status is. This is not the way it is done in a socialism system but they both see to it that capitalism and economic inequality is prevented.

Socialism and communism believe that all factories and companies should be managed by a centralized organization so that the goods and services will be distributed to people. Socialists think that rich people who own companies tend to exploit their workers for them to earn more and in the process make themselves powerful over their workers. Socialists believe that where there are no wealthy capitalists or private owners of companies and factories, the workers can receive higher pay.

One big difference between socialism and communism is the way they deal with capitalism and private ownership of companies and factories. Communism sees the need to get rid of capitalism and private ownership right away. Socialism on the other hand sees capitalism and private ownership as a stepping stone towards socialism. This will work if there is a centralized planning system controlling capitalism.

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