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What Makes Fascism Different From Communism?

What are the differences between Communism and Fascism?

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What is Communism?

• This term is derived from the French word communism which means “common”. This explains why nobody has an edge among his or her peers in a communist country.
• This ideology reached its popularity in 1917 after Russia’s Bolshevik Revolution.
• Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto is viewed as communism’s bible. Communists strictly abide by the principles of these people.
• Everyone is equal when it comes to material possessions under a communist government. Nobody is allowed to be unnecessarily richer than his or her fellow citizens.
• Almost all of the important resources and production of goods are being controlled by the community. The common people have no say on the resources that would be given to them.
• The state has full ownership and custody on all of the country’s resources. However, they don’t control them.
• Communists have a global perspective. Their thinking is not limited to the matters of their county.
• A communist society is egalitarian.
• It doesn’t have any state and class. There is no discrimination in this kind of government.

What is Fascism?

• This term cam from the Italian word fascio which means “bundle”.
• It is an ideology which became known beginning the year 1919 to 1945.
• During that period, the term was referring to Benito Mussolini’s fascists.
• The Doctrine of Fascism is the ideology’s authoritative document. Fascists follow the things that are written in the doctrine.
• Fascists have a national perspective.
• Totalitarianism, militarism, economic planning, corporatism and nationalism are the principles which can be found in fascism.
• The state controls everything in a fascist community.
• Human values are unimportant in fascism.
• It is a word that is usually associated with negative situations.
• It is the union of authoritarian and radical nationalism.

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