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What Makes Nationalism Different From Communism?

Differences between Nationalism versus Communism?

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What is Communism?

• It is a theory which has been developed in 1917 after the Bolshevik revolution.
• It became a well known term with the help of Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx’s book entitled the ‘Communist Manifesto’.
• It is not compartmentalized.
• It does not refer to any national or regional aspirations.
• It envisions a society where private ownership doesn’t exist and where there is no class that separates its people from each other.
• In the mind of a communist, the world or a certain class is a single entity.
• He or she has thoughts which are in the global perspective.
• In a communist country, the community rule over all other entities. The state is of less importance.
• It is a form of socialism because this theory deals with people.
• It strongly condemns the distinction between the rich and the poor in a certain society.

What is Nationalism?

• It is a term that came into life during the late 1770s because of Johann Gottfried Herder.
• It may not have a definite place and time for its origin but it’s a fact that the term has become more popular all over the world after the American War of Independence and French revolution have occurred.
• It refers to a particular nation alone.
• It shows belief for one’s nation or state.
• A country’s citizens are more prioritized than the citizens of another country.
• Nationalists are guided by their national spirit when it comes to the decisions that they make.
• They give great importance to their nation or state.
• Nationalism works for the improvement of a certain country.
• In this theory, one country can be seen as more powerful than other countries.
• It is compartmentalized.

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