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What's the difference between Patriotism vs. Nationalism?

What's the difference between Peaceful Patriotism vs. Aggressive Nationalism?

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Patriotism and nationalism do serve well for countries; however, these two terms are very different from each other. Patriotism and nationalism are often used interchangeably or incorrectly. We have to understand that although these two terms refer to the love of one country, these two are entirely different.

The emphasis of patriotism is simply for the love of one’s country and it stemmed from good values and beliefs whereas nationalism is more of a pride of one’s cultural heritage and country. Patriotism is always referred to loving a country in a calm manner without too much pride and ambition, but, it is very opposite with nationalism wherein the love for the country would mean being above all other countries. In short, nationalism stems from militant and aggressive beliefs while patriotism is a believing in harmony and piece.

Views on Other Nations
Nationalists are full of pride and often see other countries as inferior to their own. They don’t accept other nation’s beliefs, practices, and even aid. They believed that their nation is the best and is not among the equals of other countries. Patriots are the exact opposite. Even with the great love and admiration for their own countries, patriots still believe that other countries can, in one way or another, help improve their nation. They believe in a harmonious way of living with other cultures and do not despise or even discriminate other countries. They believed that different countries can be good friends and even trusted allies.

Acceptance of Criticisms
Patriotism would mean accepting criticisms in a light manner without being reproachful. They believed that criticisms are one of the many ways to see the fault of their own nations and help it improve the best way they can. They believe that it is their responsibility to ensure that they give and do the best for their own nation. Nationalism is just very different. Since it is an aggressive way of loving a country, they despise criticisms and would not accept such. Nationalists think that no one has the right to judge their country and often they would tale criticisms very seriously. The often think that their country has nothing to be criticized for and often justifies whatever their nation is lacking.

Seeing the differences of these two terms, we can now see how each person loves his or her own country. He or she can be a peaceful patriot or an aggressive nationalist.

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