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What are the differences between Democracy and Communism?

What Makes Democracy Different From Communism?

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Do you belong to a democratic or to a communist country?

The Similarity between Democracy and Communism

• They are both ideologies which are being applied in different countries around the globe.

What is Democracy?

• A government which follows democracy has leaders that are elected by the citizens of that country through a special election which is expected to be fair to all the political candidates. Once elected to their respective offices, the candidates are expected to please and maintain the trust of the people who have voted for them.
• Freedom and the equal rights of people are the main focus of a democratic government.
• A democratic country has a constitution that protects the freedom and liberty of its people.
• It is a principle that doesn’t involve the equal sharing of resources among people. Thus, some people become rich while some remain to be poor.
• Free enterprising is being practiced in a communist party. Anyone has the right to build a business.

What is Communism?

• The power in this kind of government is given to a set of individuals who are responsible for leading the country. They have the capacity to be involved in the lives of the country’s citizens.
• It is a principle which involves fairness, equality and common ownership. This is the reason why nobody is considered richer than his or her peers in a communist country.
• Resources and goods in a communist country are being evenly distributed. The government totally controls these properties. Political leaders see to it that the majority of the resources belong to the common people.
• It is a society which doesn’t have any state and class.
• It is egalitarian.
• Private ownership is prohibited in a communist country.

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