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What is the differences between Democracy and Socialism?

Is there many differences between Democracy vs. Socialism?

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What is Democracy?

• It is a system in the political world that defines the structure of the state and how it would implement its duties to its citizens.
• It emphasizes the right of a person to freedom and self-enhancement. It doesn’t restrict a citizen from saying what he or she thinks of the government nor that does it stop him or her to grow as a professional.
• In a democratic country, citizens get to elect a few people to government offices. They also have the option of direct democracy or governing themselves directly. The people just have to choose the type of democracy that they want.
• However, in a few democratic countries, not everybody is given the chance to be a government official. That is because rich and powerful interest groups exist in those nations who would do everything in their capacity to influence the majority of the country’s population to vote for them.
• It is the opposite of dictatorship.
• Democracy can actually turn into democratic socialism.

What is Socialism?

• It is a system in the economy that dictates how services and goods are distributed and produced in the society.
• Depending on the type of socialism applied by the society, citizen equality in that community is affected.
• If your community is under the extreme type of socialism, then equal right to hold office and representation and even civil liberties are expected to be deprived from you and your fellow citizens.
• It gives the power of controlling and managing the resources of the society to the council of workers or to the state.
• Collective ownership of the production of resources is being emphasized in this concept as well.
• It is the opposite of capitalism.
• Socialism can actually turn into socialist democracy.

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