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What are the Differences between a Republic and a Democracy?

Difference between a Republic and a Democracy?

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Republic form of government differs from democratic as it is ruled according to a charter or constitution. On the other hand a democratic form of government is ruled based on the will of the majority. Until now these two forms of government are always confused. The charter or the constitution sets a limitation to the power in a republic to protect the rights of the people from the majority. In a democracy, the majority has the power to rule no matter the consequences will be on the part of those who do not belong to the majority.


One point that adds to the confusion between these two forms of government is that in a representative democracy, there are officials who vote in behalf of the people in some issues instead of all the citizens voting for every issue. Also in a constitutional democracy, the representative democracy’s power in government is controlled by the constitution. Technically the difference between republic and democracy is largely on semantics.

Government by the People

These two forms of government are similar in such a way that decisions and choices are coming from the people or their representatives. The president is elected by the people directly or indirectly as well as the government representatives. In a direct democracy, the people vote on all the issues as the government officials or representatives work on their behalf.

Protecting Individual’s Rights

A true democracy is hard to find because there is a tendency for it to turn into a “mob rule”. This happens when the majority starts making moves to get most of the benefits without considering the situation of the minority. The sad truth is there is no legal basis that protects the minority in a true democracy.

It is different in a republic or constitutional democracy, the charter or constitution gives individuals and minority groups certain rights. This protection cannot be taken away from the minority group in a republican form of government.

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