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What is the meaning of Socialism?

What is a socialist and the nature of Socialism?

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Socialists believe that people in the society deserve equal opportunity to access their wants and needs. They believe that the government controls the resources and be distributed it equally among its people. In Socialism, there is no money involve n working and producing foods. This is because the people will be working based on the needs of their society. They don’t work for profit unlike in other forms of society. Individuals don’t accumulate wealth since there is no need to do such.

According to socialists, capitalism is a type of society wherein inequality is very rampant. There would be the few privileged that have complete control and access of the goods and resources and they can accumulate great wealth while depriving the masses of their needs. To prevent this from happening, socialists stressed out that socialism is the perfect form of government wherein all needs will be distributed and everyone will have access to food, shelter, education, healthcare, and many more.

Socialism may sound good but it is also facing a number of criticisms. According to the critics, a society of pure equality is impossible to accomplish. This is because human beings are creatures that demand more and socialism cannot meet all of their needs. They also argued that a socialist society will create lazy individuals because people can choose not to work yet they still receive the same benefits that others can receive. Aside from that, according to critics, in a socialist environment, the government cannot possible give all the needs of the people since each individual has different needs. Each person will need totally different resources from the others.

Socialists respond by defending their side. They said that people won’t demand more because they are already satisfied with what they have. Because people can access their needs without a problem, they are always contented with what they have.

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