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What the similiarities and differences between Communism vs. Liberalism?

Contrasting Ideologies: Communism vs Liberalism?

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Communism and Liberalism are often compared from each other because of their contrasting political ideologies. These two have very different views when it comes to issues such as freedom, rights, economy, and individual differences.

Individual Freedom
Communism doesn’t believe in the rights of individual freedom. This is due to the nature of their political structure wherein no one individual is higher than the other. Therefore, they do have individual freedom but it is limited only. Communism believes that each and everyone should be equal in rights as well as in wealth. No one should be richer than the other. Liberalism on the other hand holds dear on the rights of each individual wherein they believe each has its own right to be above the other it terms of wealth and success. It is a kind of society wherein low class, middle class, and high class can be seen but each class has its own right to improve its current state.

Since everyone is equal in Communism, this political ideology believes that people within the society should work only for the success of their community. That is why people under a Communist have the same wage and benefits. There are no private companies because everything will be owned by the government. This is to support their ideology of equality to all and success to the community. Liberalism on the other hand supports private companies wherein different people and organizations are given the chance to improve their market. They believe in individual success wherein employees of different companies with different job descriptions have different salaries based on what their employers see fit. Power is not being shared in Liberalism but everyone has the chance to grab their opportunity to gain power and control in the market.

The differences of these two political ideologies have set people into a debate whether which is the better political view.

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