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Differences between Islam and Sikhism?

Islam and Sikhism: Differences in Their Culture, Practices, and Beliefs?

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Sikhism and Islam are two very different religions that have their own colorful cultures and practices that until today have been observed.

Sikhism clings on to the three pillars in their religion. These pillars are Vachakko, Naam Japna, and Kirat Koro. This belief started when ten gurus or teachers made a compilation of Guru Granth Sahib that contains holy messages from the Hindus and Sufis. They follow the 5 K’s which stands for Kangha (wooden comb), Kesh (uncut clean hair), Kirpan (long sharp sword), Kachera (clean white shorts), and Kara (iron or steel bracelet). They don’t believe in pilgrimage and never do such. Since Sikh gave importance to the body and doesn’t want to alter it, men who practices Sikhism are uncircumcised. Their dead are cremated and never buried. The Sikhs consider Amritsar a holy place and believed that Gurpurabs are days that bring about good fortune.

Islam religion began on the day Angel Gabriel revealed to Mohammed the Quran, Islam’s holy book. Form this day on, Islam follows the five pillars, Sawm, Sahada, Salat, Zakat, and Hajj pilgrimage. They are being taught by Nabis or Rasools who are responsible for their knowledge on the religion. Eid is a day that is believed to bring about good fortune to the Muslims. The Islam highly regarded Mecca as a sacred place and they do their pilgrimage which is a part of the five pillars of Islam. Many followers of Islam made it their lifelong mission to make a pilgrimage to this holy place. Men are mostly circumcised and the Muslims bury their dead.

These two different religions have a lot of differences but their similarities lie on how they make people belong to a religious sect which is an important part in every society. Their teachings are different from each other but these religions are some of the many religions of the world that bring people closer to faith, to their society, and to their culture.

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