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What are the differing contrasts between American and Indian Culture?

Is there a Striking Contrast between American and Indian Culture?

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Cultures are different from each other but there are some cultures that have similarities with other culture. This can be in the form of religion, practices, or location. However, there are no two cultures that are exactly alike. Some even are the exact contrast of another culture. Here, let us look into two of the largest cultures in the world; American and Indian, and see how these two different cultures contrast one from the other.

When it comes to family relations, these two cultures are completely opposite. Indians value family relations very highly. They are closely knit with their families and relatives. Because of this, their decisions always affect or are affected by the family. Rarely does a person in this culture make a sole decision on his or her life. The family always plays a great role. Family members often sacrifice their happiness and well-being for the sake of their family. That is why young age adults are still dependent to their families. they work for the sake of the improvement of their family’s situation.

Americans are completely the opposite. It’s not that they don’t value their families but they are independent from their families. Americans are individual type of people who don’t seek the assurance, security, or comfort from a family. They always look out for themselves and they don’t make sacrifices for the sake of family. They believe that each member of the family is independent that is why they raise their children in such a way that they become independent at a young age. Their decisions are not affected by their family’s outlook or situation. They get a job to improve themselves financially without having to worry about their families.

When it comes to work, Americans always think of the future. That is why planning is very important to them. They believe that they can control what might happen as long as their work or their lives are planned ahead. They love the idea of being flexible and change. Indians on the other hand are believers of harmony. This means that they work day-to-day. Planning for the future might not be a priority to them because their priorities lie on the present. Indians plan on being stable rather than considering changes in their lives.

Time is a very important thing for Americans. They highly value time especially when it comes to work. Indians on the other hand tend to take time for granted.

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