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What Makes a State different from a Nation?

Difference between a State vs. a Nation?

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What is a State?

• It comes from ‘status’ which is a Latin word that means condition or simply status.
• It sometimes serves as a synonym for country or nation.
• It is a region which has a sovereign type of government. If a certain piece of land doesn’t have that type of government, then it cannot be considered as a state.
• Because of its sovereign rights, a state is a politico-judicial entity. It doesn’t give emphasis to the culture of the people living inside it.
• A separate constitution is not required in a state. That is simply because it has the nation’s constitution to adhere to.
• A state inside a nation requires a separate set of political leaders. However, the state should still follow the laws of the whole nation. It must respect the policies of the nation by all means.
• The state can formulate new laws but these laws must be beneficial to the entire nation. If not, then the laws would not be allowed to be implemented by the national government.

What is a Nation?

• It comes from ‘natio’ which is a Latin word that means a set of individuals.
• It is a group of states.
• It is comprised of people who basically share the same religion, art, tradition, culture, language, beliefs, customs and history.
• Because of its group rights and distinctive character, a nation is a politico-cultural entity.
• It has a constitution which should be respected by all of its citizens including the people who live in separate states.
• The nation is the one responsible in forming the norms of a state. It is in charge of ‘molding’ the state to the entity that it should be.
• It is basically holds the sovereignty of the nation.

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