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Differences between the terms Black and African American?

What is the appropriate term to use: Black or African American?

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Black Americans and African Americans are terms that are used to describe or address Americans that are either black or come from African ancestry. However, these two terms have different origins therefore; people who belong to different origins should be addressed accordingly to avoid negative feedbacks. There were people who were misguided and call Black or African Americans Negro, which have sparked many unlikely events not only physically but emotionally as well. Top address this issue, these two terms have been created and are approved by people of all races.

Black American
The history of the United States tells us that long ago, people who have dark complexion or those who came from the Caribbean, or those who have African ancestry that were slaves were called Black American. This term surfaced on 1960 to 1970s as a call to eradicate the term Negro which is demeaning. With the help of the Civil Rights Movement, Black American was being used to call Americans who have ancestors who were slaves. This term also serve as an empowerment for the Black Americans.

African American
The term “Afro” or African American became popular during the 1980s. This term is solely used for people with African ancestry. Even the people from the Caribbean are also called African American because of their skin color all are believed to come from the African line.

As time passed, the term African American has become widely acceptable than Black American, this is because of the history of the terms. No one wants to linger on the dark days of slavery, which is why African American is the more popular term and it is acceptable as well as applicable to all. But some cultures or societies still accept the term Black American with pride. They want to let people know of their different cultures as well as their different skin color.

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