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Can you tell me about the Illuminati?

What exactly is the Illuminati? Can you explain the Illuminati?

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The Illuminati refers to a secret society of philosophers, politicians, and intellectuals. Illuminati is Latin for “enlightened” and infers a select group of individuals with the potential to influence and control aspects of world government.

Since the initial creation in 1776 in Bavaria, several such groups around the world have formed. With historic ties to the Society of Masons, Illuminati groups were thought to have the most forward-thinking and advanced intellectuals as members. This underground society however was considered illegal, and was perceived as even more radical due to their contested views of the church and the current governing powers. At its peak, it is believed that there may have been up to 10 groups in Europe, drawing over 2000 academics, scholars and progressive thinkers.

As reported in historical documents, the group dissolved by 1795 mainly due to conjectures that the Illuminati had an overwhelming impact over governments. This theory continues today among conspiracy theorists. Most notably, the eye on the one dollar US bill, placed on the image of the pyramid, suggests that the Illuminati still exists today and have enormous influence over the current government. Some conspiracy theorists even believe that historic US leaders such as Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin, as well as current British royals are amongst the elite group of decision makers.

Dan Brown, author of the novel Angels and Demons recently resurrected the popularity of the Illuminati bringing it to mainstream media. Brown suggests in his novel that the Illuminati and the Roman Catholic Church continue to this day to have conflict; conflict concerning Christianity versus atheism, as well as science versus religion. Furthermore Brown also implies that members of the Illuminati and their associates continue to influence government organizations to form a New World Order, perhaps even directing most global events in the 20th century.

Whether or not the Illuminati exist in the modern world varies in opinion. Many believe that the secret society will benefit humanity ushering us into new and advanced civilization. Others believe they will ultimately lead us to destruction. Some believe the Illuminati is merely a conspiracy theory with little to no proof of existence. Regardless, it makes for a good discussion topic that has fascinated mankind for hundreds of years.

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