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What Makes Baptists Different From Methodists?

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What are Baptists?

• They are people whose faith is based on the Bible alone. They don’t mold their faith based on their personal experiences.
• They see their holy book as infallible.
• They are generally largely and stricter fundamentalists. Liberals are not found in this religion.
• They believe that they would always be saved by their Savior for they follow the doctrine of the ‘perseverance of saints’.
• They have the freedom to select their own pastors.
• They are not that strict when it comes to the governance of each congregation.
• They only perform communion to members of the church who have already undergone baptism.
• They only allow confessing adults and teenagers to be baptized. That is because these people already understand what faith is and they already know the deeper meaning of baptism.

What are Methodists?

• They are people whose faith is based on a lot of things. Their faith can come from their personal experiences, tradition, reason and from the Bible of course.
• They are comprised of both liberals and fundamentalists.
• Their beliefs are actually wider and looser compared to that of a Baptist.
• They believe that sin can prevent them from being saved. Moreover, they believe that people would only be saved if they want to.
• They have congregations which are connected to one another.
• Their bishops belong to an Episcopal organization.
• Also, their bishops ask for the advice of their congregations as to which pastor should be assigned to them.
• They see to it that everyone gets to participate in the Holy Communion.
• They encourage the pouring, sprinkling or immersion in water of the person who is receiving the gift of baptism.
• They allow anyone regardless of his or her age to be baptized.

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