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Are you Eligible for Welfare in the United States?

Welfare in the United States – Are you Eligible?

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The United States government provides welfare to help those in need. It is meant to help those struggling to make a living and have very little or no income at all. Predominantly welfare helps households with young children, those with mental and physical challenges, and the elderly. The aid provided can come in many forms which include providing money to pay for basic needs, healthcare, and food subsidies. In some part of the United Sates, welfare can be given through donations or grant allowances.

In order to be selected for welfare, one must meet the criteria outlined by the government. This includes evidence of financial stress, citizenship status, and a valid social security number. Other criteria may include the current act of looking for employment, basic education, as well as obligations to any dependents.

Citizenship and Permanent Residency

The most basic requirement for welfare is the ability to prove that you are a United States citizen or that you have the legal right to reside in the country as a permanent resident. Although there some exceptions to the rule, it is best to have all your paperwork in order. Moreover, if you have dependents or family members that reside with you, it is necessary to provide their citizenship or resident permit as well. As different states have different rules, consult your local welfare office for more information.

Social Security Number

Another requirement is a having a social security number. This is needed for all household members including small children. If someone does not have a social security number, an application must be submitted to obtain one and only with the proof of submission can a welfare caseworker begin the process to assess welfare eligibility. Once a number is assigned this must be presented to the welfare office as well.

In some cases a social security number is not enough. If possible, have the social security cards handy should the caseworker need to see it.

Educational and Work Requirements

To be eligible in most states, adults require some form of formal education. This shows the state that you are trying to better yourself and in turn better your chances for employment. You need to show a concerted effort to gain skills relevant to your targeted job industry.

Evidence of an on-going employment search is also important. A welfare caseworker may need to see your efforts and struggles before granting aid.

Parental Obligations

Requirements differ from state to state. However, typically single parents need to seek child support from their former spouse in order for the government to asset how much aid is needed in relation to what they are already receiving. This is important for the government to calculate how much more aid is needed. In the case of an absent parent, it is import to show that effort has been made to find them.

Additional Conditions

Many states are contemplating increasing the prerequisite eligibility requirements. Some of the discussions include mandatory drug testing or giving back to the community through civil service. Check with your location welfare office for information.

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