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What are the differences between Anarchism and Socialism?

What Makes Anarchism Different From Socialism?

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What is Anarchism?

• In an anarchist society, social wealth is produced by people who have formed their own groups and who are governing themselves.
• This society has no state because anarchists believe that a government would only prevent its citizens from realizing their full potential. They also believe that the state would only set rules that would prevent the people from enjoying all of their rights.
• According to anarchists, a person who is not making use of all of his or her rights would eventually become weak and unfortunately, anyone can oppress this kind of person.
• Inferiority of class and racism are not present in this kind of society.
• It doesn’t impose any limit to its citizens when it comes to owning things.
• Opportunity and freedom is equally given to everybody.
• People in this society are free to do the things that they desire to do and they are fully responsible for the direction of their lives.
• They are also in charge of developing their talents and potential.
• On the other hand, anarchists put emphasis on mutual consent among every individual in the society.

What is Socialism?

• It is an economy type which has resources that are controlled and owned by the general public However, the resources to be owned should be personal.
• Plus, a state or well known elected council is required in this economy for the whole society to practice discipline and for it have a definite plan for the future.
• Socialists state that group effort is the way to the welfare of everybody.
• They also believe that with a state at hand, every worker in the society is subject to fair treatment.
• They believe that their economy would prosper through the application of centralized planning.

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