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How are the Acient Civilizations of the Mayans and Aztecs different?

What's the difference between the Ancient American Civilizations: The Mayans and the Aztecs?

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Mayans and Aztecs are two ancient civilizations that have thrived in America thousands of years ago. These two great civilizations have given us a lot of wonder and awe on how they have lived their lives and what they have learned. The coming of Spanish conquerors have driven them off from their lands and eventually disappeared.

The Aztecs
The Aztecs, which is a civilization that thrived in Central America, are famous for their bravery and warlike attitudes. They are a proud civilization with a dominant male warrior as the pride of their place. They are ruled by only one ruler, and since they are warriors, they often invite wars to their neighbors asking for their tributes. They are very proud of their martial arts skills and their physique and often intimidate neighboring civilizations.

The Aztecs believed in human sacrifices and they often used brute force to instill law in their area. They spoke Nahuatl and believed in Quetzalcoatl, their Aztec god.

The Mayans
The Mayans are the calmer counterpart of Aztecs. They are a gentle civilization that has science, astrology, and physics as the area of expertise. They have devised a calendar and have studied the stars with time and how it affects current events. That is why the Mayans are a controversial civilization simply because what they have studied in the past has been brought into the present with much controversy. They spoke Maya and believed in Kukulcan, the Mayan god.

The Mayans thrived among the regions of South America. Unlike the Aztecs, the Mayans have one ruler in each city state. It is believed that until now, there are still descendants of the Mayan civilization that has lived with us today. Because of their calm stature, Mayans have lived and survived longer than the Aztecs.

These two large civilizations that have walked in the lands of America have until now, always tried to bring us to the past with their controversies, past discoveries, and most of all their predictions.

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