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What makes Democrats and Republicans different?

What are the differences between Democrats vs. Republicans?

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Politics play a great role in our lives as we live day to day with the influence of who governed us and what are their views and philosophies. We often here about the Republicans and the Democrats and in here, we are going to differentiate the two political views and their ideals of a perfect government.

General View on Politics
Democrats and Republicans have very different views and these views oppose from each other. The Democrats believed that it is the role of the government to look after the welfare of the people. They should be the center of the activities of anything involved in the improvement of the economy whether they belong from a minority group or a large sector of the community. The Republicans, however, believed otherwise. Republicans believed in the individual power of the people and they do not want government to play a big role in their decision-making. They wanted to have less government-interference and wanted to look into the people as citizens that can look into themselves and less dependent to government aid. That is why they value the people’s opinions more than what the government says.

View on Economics
Politics still play a great role on how our economics turn out to be. Democrats wanted to have equal opportunities under the federal law with government playing a big role on businesses as well as individual rights. That is why Democrats supports organizations that are government-based which include projects that relate to healthcare, education, and business enhancement. However, these may mean more tax for the people. The Republicans are very different. Since they wanted government to handle and interfere less with their businesses. They strongly believed that government should allow people to make their own decisions and give them their individual property rights. Capitalism and free market is what is on the mind of a Republican.

View on Freedom and Rights
Democrats always wanted to have the government as the core source of equality and rights. They believe that what is viewed as correct in the society should be followed by everyone. Republicans on the other hand views freedom as an individual right wherein a person can choose where to stand as long as he or she is not harming the freedom and rights of others. They believed in the idea of individual responsibility, individual freedom, and individual justice.

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