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What's the Difference between Mormons and Christians?

What Makes a Christian Different From a Mormon? What's the difference between the two religions?

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Mormons believe that they are Christians but Catholic Christians and Protestants don’t accept that. Thus, here is an article that would help you distinguish one religion group from another.

The Similarity between a Christian and a Mormon

• They are both followers of Jesus Christ. They make Jesus as the center of their daily lives.

The Things Which Make a Christian Different

• A Christian’s Bible is called the Holy Bible. It has 2 parts: the New and the Old Testament
• Christians have faith on the Trinitarian God who is not physically present in this world. They were born to believe in one God alone and in His salvation as well.
• Christians believe that Jesus was born because of an Immaculate Conception.
• They treat sins as a form of betrayal towards God and the Holy Spirit. They strongly condemn sins.
• However, they don’t have strict rules in living one’s life.

The Things Which Make a Mormon Different

• The Mormon Church has an official name of “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints”
• Their religion was developed in 1820s.
• It was established by Joseph Smith who is said to have brought the Church back to life.
• A Mormon’s bible is called the Book of Mormon. They have the Doctrines, Covenant and The Pearl of great Price as well.
• Mormons believe that God has a physical body.
• Mormons have 3 Gods: The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost which all have unique roles.
• They believe that Jesus was born naturally because of Mary and the Heavenly Father’s union.
• They believe that no matter how sinful a person is, he or she will still be resurrected on the last day.
• They don’t drink coffee and teas. They don’t smoke and drink because of their religion.

If you go to, you can get answers to your questions. By the way, the Mormons believe in the Holy Bible, too!

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