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Difference between Romanians versus Gypsies?

What Makes Romanians Different From Gypsies?

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The Factors That Caused the Confusion between Romanians and Gypsies

• Gypsies are also called as Romanies. Thus, we can’t blame most people is they think that Romanians and Romanies refer to same group of individuals.
• The influence that we get from television channels, radio stations, magazines and even from the World Wide Web.
• The popular culture that we were forced to believe in.
• Stereotyping which is actually not a good thing for it makes us judge somebody based on the country where he or she came from and not on the person’s true personality.

Who are the Romanians?

• They are people who belong to an ethnic group and who live in Romania.
• They are the individuals who consist the nation of Romania.
• Basically, they are citizens of the country.

Who are the Gypsies?

• Some say that these people have been exiled from Egypt which is the reason why they can be considered as an ethnic group.
• They refer to people who transfer from one place to another. They may have stayed in Romania for a brief period of time but that doesn’t imply they came from this place.
• They are able to speak of different languages given the fact that they don’t stay in one area.
• They get involved with every community that they get to visit making them acquire some of their practices and learn more about their culture.
• They can be found in several countries but majority of them are seen in Europe.
• Gypsies can never form a nation for they are basically all over the world.
• The term gypsy can now refer to a way of living or sense of fashion. In fact, this practice is strongly present in the Northern part of America.

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