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What Makes Salafi Different From Sunni?

Differences between Salafi and Sunni?

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What is Sunni?

• It is an Islam sect which believes that Prophet Muhammad is an enlightened soul or Nur who serves as the guide of all Muslims.
• They have strong belief in their school of thought and the 4 imams.
• The Orthodox Sunnis have strict beliefs in accordance with the 4 schools of thoughts of Sunni jurisprudence
• They celebrate the days on which their saints and holy Prophet were born.
• They emphasize on the saints and Prophet’s adoration.
• They believe in saints regardless of whether they are still alive or not.
• They also believe in ‘kalam’ and mysticism.
• They believe in the last Prophet’s intercession as well.
• A lot of Sunnis prostate or kneel before graves.
• They consider Salafis as Wahabis’ hidden fronts.
• Their most well known custom is called taqlid.

What is Salafi?

• It is an Islam sect which is also popular by the name ahle hadith.
• It is a group which is a fundamentalist whose goal is to follow the ways of the early Muslims.
• It slowly became a maslak or separate sect in India’s sub continent.
• Salafis believe that Prophet Muhammad is a mortal just like anybody else.
• They emphasize on the obliteration of the Islam’s wrongly innovation or bida`h.
• They don’t believe in the cults of the saints.
• They also don’t believe in arbitration and in associationism or taqleed.
• They strictly follow the Sunah of the prophet or the hadith and the Quran.
• They only follow the four schools of thoughts of Sunni if they have rules which are in accordance to the Sunnah or Quran.
• They have strong opposition with regards to the Sunni customs. In fact, they are aggressive towards the beliefs of the other sect.
• They are antagonistic towards taqlid.

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