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What Makes the King James Bible Different From the Catholic Bible?

What are the differences between the King James Bible vs. the Catholic Bible?

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All about the King James Bible

• It is basically a version of the Holy Bible that is available in the market. Thus, don’t confuse the two kinds of Bible for each other because they really don’t have the same words and phrasing. They may have been translated from the same scriptures but they have different content indeed.
• Its production was initiated by the English King James the First in the later part of the 17th century. He asked a certain number of translators to make the Bible a reality.
• Its final draft was said to be released during 1611 and it was instantly welcomed by Catholic believers.
• It is a Bible that came after Bishops Bible and Great Bible. These Bibles were also English translations of the Holy Scipture.
• It belongs to the 1st translations (English) of the Holy Bible.
• It was translated by almost all pure Englishmen who don’t have enough knowledge on the Hebrew language. Moreover, they asked the help of no one when they were working on the Holy Bible.
• This Holy Bible version was based on the most original Greek and Hebrew manuscripts such as the Hebrew Masoteric for the Old Testament and the Greek Textus Receptus for the New Testament.
• It has the Apocrypha in it.
• This version actually has many errors. In fact, a lot of revised versions such as the New King James Version came after it.
• A few Holy Bible versions are the following: the New American Bible, the Jerusalem Bible, the Douay-Rheims Version and the Latin Vulgate.

All about the Catholic Bible

• It is the term that refers to the Christian Bible.
• It has the work of St. Jerome or the 5th century Latin Vulgate, the Old and the New Testaments.

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