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How is Imperialism Different from Colonialism?

What Makes Imperialism Different From Colonialism?

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What is Imperialism?

• Imperialism comes from imperium which is a Latin word that means “to command”.
• It is a system that has been used even by the early Romans. Thus, it is older than colonialism.
• It is the principle that governs colonialism.
• It is an informal or formal type of control over a country’s economy or politics.
• Control is implemented through informal mechanisms or sovereignty.
• It is a method of spreading one’s control over nearby countries by creating a huge empire.
• It deals with individual pursuits alone.
• It doesn’t involve any settlement unlike colonialism.
• Examples of imperialism include the domination in the Philippines and Puerto Rico courtesy of the Americans and the late 19th century scramble for Africa.

What is Colonialism?

• It has the rood word colony which comes from colonus, a Latin word that means farmers.
• The roots of this system are found in the 15th century when the Europeans began to have the desire to trade with other countries.
• Colonialism is a practice.
• It is a system where in one country takes control of another.
• Colonizers can become citizens in their conquered country. However, they stay loyal to their original country.
• The dominating country takes charge of all the resources of the other country.
• If a country has been colonized for so long, then there’s a great possibility that it would eventually acquire the culture of the conquering country.
• Colonialism can certainly change the economy, physical and social structure of the conquered country.
• It is a system in which colonies are built and maintained by individuals from another country.
• It is practiced by Europe on Brazil, New Zealand, Algeria, North America, Australia and India.
• A settlement is involved in colonialism.

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