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What Happens When One Divides and Conquers?

What does someone do in a divide and conquer strategy?

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What is a Divide and Conquer Method?

• called as “divide and rule method” as well
• commonly used in the world of sociology and politics
• It is the process of breaking down a huge team or conflict into smaller portions that can easily be controlled and managed individually.
• The conqueror can establish quarrels among the smaller units. However, in order for him or her to do that, one must know the strengths and weaknesses of the individuals who now belong to smaller teams.
• The British and Roman empires have used the same feud strategy in acquiring the lands of smaller tribes. As a result, Ireland became the Anglo-Normans’ possession, India bow downed to the British Empire rule and Britain fell to the hands of the Romans several centuries ago.
• This method can also affect the resources and financial status of the smaller teams. This kind of strategy can be implemented if the leader of each small team is overly ambitious and doesn’t have a high level of self confidence. The conqueror can make necessary actions to force the leader to come up with irrational decisions concerning the financial status of his or her team. As a result, the team eventually runs out of resources.
• It requires someone to be extremely influential and determined to be able to implement this method well.
• He or she must be able to control the economy, military and officials at the palm of one’s hand if he or she wants to apply the strategy in a certain government.
• Actually, this technique can be applied inversely. One can rule by keeping things divided. In fact, several governments are using this principle towards their opponents for them to keep their political power intact. It is because a joined force is very difficult to break apart especially when its members are working on a common goal.

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