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What Countries Do NOT allow Women to Vote?

What countries still do not allow women to vote in elections?

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Countries That Do Not Allow Women to Vote

Voting is a way of expressing freedom of choosing a leader. Unfortunately, not all countries exercise that kind of freedom. Not all people were given the freedom to vote. Women, especially those living in a country wherein men were given higher importance, are often not allowed to vote, join in social conventions, run in politics, or even express their own ideas.

In Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed to vote. Women tried to fight their rights by registering themselves as voters but unfortunately, they were just turned down. Saudi Arabia is also a country that gives little importance to women who wanted to participate in social and political activities. That is why until now, women are still not allowed to run in any government or political positions.

Brunei is another country that does not allow women and even men to participate in elections. This is because Brunei is run by a sultan and no national elections are taking place. The positions in the court of the sultan are being appointed by the sultan himself.

The United Arab Emirates on the other hand allow women to vote but not all women can vote. During their elections, only a small percentage of the population is eligible to the right of suffrage. As small as 12% of the population is given the right to vote and because of this, the election turn-out is often low. Even women who were given the right to vote also often do not exercise such right because of their beliefs that women have little to say in the political events in their country.

The Vatican City expectantly does not have women voters. This is because the Vatican only makes their votes when they elect for a new pope. Only the cardinals can vote for a new pope. Since women cannot be ordained as priests, there are no women cardinals to vote for a new pope.

Most of the countries in the rest of the world do allow women to exercise their rights to vote. However, some women in countries that are ruled by a patriarchal society, often do not vote simply because of their beliefs that women do not have the right to meddle with the affairs of men.

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