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How can you Distinguish the US Marine Corps from the US Army?

What are the differences that allow you to tell the US Marine Corps apart vs the US Army?

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Two of the most distinguished military groups in the United States are their Army and the Marines Corps. The two might have distinct backgrounds and missions, but their capabilities and talents on the combat field overlap at certain points. The two group’s mission goals are dissimilar and both have their own way of doing things. A large number of the population has a tendency to confuse the two military groups because both are part of the US ground forces, something that the marines and soldiers of America deeply resent.

The US Department of Defense is in charge of the country’s four armed forces, the US Air Force, the US Army, the US Marine Corps and the US Navy. The country’s other armed unit, the Coast Guard, is under the command of the Department of Homeland Security but answers to the Defense Department during wartime. Each sector is crucial in maintaining the safety of America and its citizens.

Understanding the differences between the two forces is the only way to get over the confusion. The United States Marine Corp is an extremely mobile sea attack force. They are trained specifically for sea assaults and to set up a controlled area on foreign territory. Once the Marines have secured the area, America’s other armed forces head in and retain that control while the Marines proceed to another location. Marines pride themselves on being fast and mobile. Think of them as a spearhead that’s used to attack and pry open an area and then running ahead to secure more areas.

It would be a mistake to assume that since they specialize in attacking from the sea, Marines can’t attack on land. The group is more than capable of attacking and securing an area by land. They are bred for quick and efficient deployment, often being the first American military force on site. They are also tasked with guarding the United States’ embassies in other countries, ensuring the safety of the ambassador and other embassy personnel. It’s undoubtedly a very dangerous job to be a Marine assigned to this guard duty.

Basically, the US Army is a ground oriented military force. It is larger than the Marine Corps and is often sent in the middle of battle. They establish and secure a territory through the use of their aircraft, infantry and a large support staff.

The two military groups have ample troops on reserve that can be utilized at any time, but the Army’s reserve troops are obviously bigger. They also have a large support staff that includes doctors, nurses and other medical personnel. The Marine Corps, on the other hand, depend on the US Navy for support, thereby keeping their contingent lean and mean.

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