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What Makes Nationality Different From Ethnicity?

Differences between Nationality versus Ethnicity?

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What is Ethnicity?

• It is a concept that deals with culture. It zeroes in on how a certain ethnic group live from day to day.
• This term may not be widely used in the world today but it can’t be denied that it left a huge impact in different countries decades ago.
• It pertains to the ancestry of one’s race.
• It can refer to a group of individuals who set themselves different from other people.
• Racism is present in ethnicity but the concept of patriotism doesn’t result from an ethnic group.
• An ethnic group can only have one race. It shouldn’t go beyond that number. It a cultural group has more than one race, then it can’t be called an ethnic group at all.
• The members of this type of group are bounded by religion, behavior, rituals, language, culture and tradition. They share all of these factors. That’s the main reason why they act indifferently with people who are outside of their ethnic group.

What is Nationality?

• It is a concept that deals with legal issues. That’s the main reason why our nationality is being asked in most legal documents. You must be certain of your nationality if you don’t want to encounter any legal conflicts.
• It refers to the country where one was born.
• It can also refer to the relationship that an individual has with one’s country of origin.
• It gives a person the privilege to be protected by his or her state or country of origin.
• Patriotism can result from nationalism because of the person’s love for one’s country.
• A nation can have citizens of different religions, rituals, traditions and culture. It is not as exclusive as an ethnic group. However, racism can also be experienced in a nation.

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