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Is it possible to vote in person after requesting an Absentee Ballot, if I don’t mail back the Absentee Ballot?

Are there any special rules regarding voting in Person (or voting early in person), after already requesting and receiving an Absentee Ballot for an election, but have not mailed back the ballot? Do you need to notify the County Board of Elections that I requested an Absentee Ballot, but now would like to be able to vote in person (early)?

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To be sure, you'll want to check with your County Board of Elections which can be found on your County's website. Call or email the Board of Elections.

That being said, more than likely... if you have not mailed back the Absentee Ballot you should be able to vote in person without issue.

The following is what I was told from a NY county Commissioner of Elections (who was a Republican, so take that with a grain of salt and double check to make sure you're not voting illegally twice in your state):

He said: "You can continue to vote in-person. If an absentee ballot were to be received by the county board of elections when someone had voted in-person and signed the voter log book, the system would catch it and the absentee ballot would be set aside as “do not count”.


North Carolina State Board of Elections:

"It is illegal to vote twice in an election ... There are numerous checks in place in North Carolina that prevent people from double voting."


This is what they say in Augusta, GA:

Voting in Person After Requesting an Absentee Ballot

"If you requested and received an absentee ballot by mail, you should make every effort to vote and return that ballot. However, if a voter has requested an absentee ballot but shows up to vote in person, there are procedures to cancel the absentee ballot IF the ballot has not already been received by the county elections office. Each of these procedures takes time for both you and everyone else who is at the precinct so if you requested an absentee ballot, you should make every effort to vote that ballot instead of voting in person. Absentee ballots that have been requested but not yet received by the county elections office can be cancelled, allowing you to vote in person, in the following ways:

- By bringing and turning over the blank, unvoted absentee ballot to the poll manager at your polling place; or
- By going to your polling place and requesting in writing that the previously issued absentee ballot be cancelled. The poll worker will have to call and confirm with the county election office that the absentee ballot has not been returned. This process will take time and cause delays for others attempting to vote. If the requested absentee ballot has not yet been returned to the county elections office, the county elections office will cancel the absentee ballot and you will be allowed to vote in person"

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