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What kind of meat is Veal?

What is Veal?

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All About Veal

• It is a young cattle’s meat
• It is a delicious kind of meat
• It usually comes from a male cattle. It is often sold to the public compared to the meat of a female cattle simply because male calves are only used for mating purposes. They are not capable of producing milk unlike the female calves. Thus, farm owners have no choice but to sell them to people who love eating veal.
• A fattier and darker veal came from a cattle that was fed on hay and grains
• An extremely lean, finely textured and lighter (in color) veal came from a cattle that was fed on milk and has a liquid supplement diet.
• It is a more luxurious type of meat compared to the other alternatives in the market. However, it’s actually cheaper than beef when you consider its cost per serving
• 1 veal serving weighs about 3 ounces
• 1 lb of this meat is good enough for 4 people having 1 serving each
• It has the same preparation method with a beef that is mildly flavoured. In fact, it is the most appropriate alternative for that kind of meat
• It should be cooked under the temperature of 160°F
• It can be cooked either by using moist heat or dry heat
• The moist heat method covers stewing and braising. It is recommended for rougher meat cuts like shanks and round steaks
• The dry heat procedure covers frying, grilling and roasting. These methods are suitable for softer meat cuts such as loin, ribs or leg chops
• Famous veal recipes include osso buco. This is actually braised bonne-in shanks

The Characteristics of High Quality Veal

• Its visible fat has the color of milk white
• Its meat must have the color of creamy pink
• Its package must have no leaks. It must be properly wrapped


Veal is meat from a calf that is under 3 months, has been raised in a confined area (not outside running around a pasture) and fed mild or a milk substitute that is high in protein and low in iron which makes the calf anemic and the meat more tender and lighter in color.

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