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What are the differences between Pepsi vs. Coke?

What Makes Pepsi Different From Coke? Is Pepsi or Coke better?

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All about Coke

• This beverage contains phosphoric acid, sugar, carbonated water, a small amount of cocaine, caffeine and other natural flavorings. It has lesser ingredients compared to Pepsi.
• It has higher carbonation levels giving you that fizzy effect when you first sip it. Because of those levels, the drink also has more bubbles when you shake it or first open a Coke can. However, the bubbles go away as soon as the coke runs out of fizz.
• It has a smoother taste. It may have a lot of bubbles but it’s a drink that goes smoothly down your throat.
• It has less artificial sweeteners which deprives it of that chemical after taste that Pepsi has. Thus, if you’re someone who has diabetes or someone who isn’t too fond of artificial sweeteners, then this drink is more suitable for you and your health.
• It lets you taste more of that cola flavor when you drink this beverage.
• Coke cans are of the color red.
• This drink has a logo which has undergone only a few changes over the decades. This marketing strategy has helped the drink to remain remarkable and unforgettable among their loyal consumers.

All about Pepsi

• This drink contains citric acid, colorings, caffeine, fructose corn syrup, sugar, carbonated water and other natural flavors.
• This beverage gives you a bubbly taste down your throat.
• It has less fizz.
• It has more artificial sweeteners than Coke. Thus, this drink has a fluid sort of, fruity, mild chemical and sweeter taste.
• Pepsi cans are of the color blue.
• The logo of Pepsi has changed its appearance for several times already. This strategy actually sends fear and anxiousness among its consumers for it takes away the credibility and consistency of the beverage.

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