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What are the differences between a Blueberry versus a Blackberry?

What Makes Blueberries Different From a Blackberries?

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What is a Blueberry?

• The blue color of this fruit ranges from medium to dark when it’s ripe.
• It has a spherical figure. It doesn’t totally have a circular shape.
• They are a native fruit in Asia.
• However, they primarily grow on Northern Britain and Northern Europe woods and hillsides. The people living in these regions gave the name “bilberry bush” to a blueberry plant
• Blueberry plants prosper in soils which are acidic. They can’t grow just anywhere.
• They can stand on their own and they don’t climb over other plant unlike the blackberries.

What is a Blackberry?

• It is considered as an aggregate fruit which has a lot of smaller fruits in the name of drupes.
• This fruit has an oblong figure.
• An unripe blackberry has a red color.
• A ripe blackberry has a blackish and dark purple color.
• It is a fruit that is compatible with a wide range of soil and site conditions. Thus, it can be grown by anyone.
• The bushes of a blackberry usually have thorns but there are a few blackberry bushes which don’t have this quality.
• The plant of this fruit has characteristics similar to a vine. You will rarely see it on the ground for it tends to climb over other plants.
• It is a super fruit which primarily grows in eastern North America and in the Pacific Coast.
• It is also seen in Western Europe and in the British Isles.
• It is a fruit that is transformed into preserves and juices. It can also serve as snacks or regular meal.

Similarities of a Blueberry and a Blackberry

• They are both categorized as “super fruits” which are basically the healthiest fruits in the food industry.
• They both contain elements such as iron and vitamins.

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