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How can you stop Bananas from turning brown and ripening quickly?

Are there ways to prevent bananas from ripening quickly and turning brown? How can you keep bananas staying fresher and greener longer?

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Chiquita banana will typically, keep green bunches of bananas in temperature-controlled boxes of 58 degrees, while shipping bananas to stores. A temperature of 58 degrees delays ripening. 

  • unwrap or remove bananas from any packaging or plastic bags. This helps to stop the ethylene gas from building up around the bananas, which causes bananas to ripen quickly.
  • don't put bananas in a paper bag, unless you want them to ripen faster.
  • hang them on a banana tree stand or banana hook, as this will get them off the counter, prevent bruising and help keep more air moving around the bananas to get rid of the ethylene gas.
  • keep bananas at a temperature of 58 degrees.
  • don't keep bananas next to other fruits or vegetables, as this will speed up the ripening process
  • preserve bananas by storing them in the refrigerator. Refrigeration slows down the ripening process: if you'd like to keep a ripe banana to eat at a later date, then wrap each banana separately in plastic wrap and place in the vegetable draw or bottom of the refrigerator. While the outside of the banana may turn brown, the wrapped bananas should stay at the same level of ripeness in the refrigerator.
  • freezing ripe bananas can also be a way to store and preserve them. Frozen bananas can then be mixed into smoothies or yogurt. However, frozen bananas won't be that appealing to eat by themselves after being frozen.

Just put them in the refrigerator, most run at about 38F/4C. That will put the brakes on any further ripening. The cold temperature does cause tiny water vapor encapsulations of the peel to burst, because of the vapor pressure differential. These burst pores, then, absorb rather than reflect light, which in turn causes the bananas to look darker, but it is a surface defect only, the pulp is fine.

I wrap my bunch in at least 4 plastic bags and put them in a shady area of the kitchen not the fridge, 2 weeks still ok! Honest try it your self, it keeps the air from the skins which must slow down the ripening process!

eat them the day you buy them


Place bananas in a cooler place. They tend to ripen quicken when they are in a warm climate area. Place in the freezer even the peel will turn brown but the fruit will still be good.


I use a product called Green Fresh Bag. I bought them at the dollar store I cut of the woody ends off and put the bananas in the Green fresh bags which will absorb and remove the ethylene gas then I put them in the frig..


Wrap banana stem with foil paper


I been storing them in a Rubbermaid 2 Quart container with a top, to protect it from the occasional rodent in my kitchen with apples and seems to slow down the brown.

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