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What Foods Can Eliminate Diarrhea?

Which Foods are good for relieving Diarrhea?

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Diarrhea can be caused by conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome and stomach flu. However, if you have not been infected by any bacteria or parasite but still have a diarrhea for a week now, then you can follow the BRAT or BRATTY diet recommended by most physicians to get you out from this condition.

These are the foods that the acronym BRATTY stands for:


BRATTY used to be BRAT for the past years but since yogurt has already proven its capacity to produce firm bowel movements, then it has finally been included in the famous diet together with tea.

What are in these foods which help eliminate the presence of diarrhea?

Bananas – fruit sugars, starch and potassium.
Plain rice and toast (wheat or white) – carbohydrates
Applesauce or actual apples – pectin
Decaffeinated tea (weak black or green) – fluids
Yogurt – a high level of protein and live cultures

The live cultures in yogurt replace the good bacteria that were lost from your body due to diarrhea. As a result, you would be able to recover quickly from this condition. Minimally sweetened yogurt also makes the whole diet ideal to be followed for a maximum of 2 days after you get cured from your illness.

Simply follow how this diet should be served and you are guaranteed to be free from diarrhea in no time. For example, you can make a banana shake but make sure that it’s plain. Also, plain yogurt is preferred to be used in the BRATTY diet but if your sweet tooth can’t take that, then you can look for a yogurt that has fruit juice instead.

Never drink sports beverages such as Gatorade, herbal teas and apple juice. Stick to the foods mentioned in the diet and make your tea as plain as possible.

If you don’t have any tea, then purchase Pedialyte or even water to replace the lost electrolytes in your body. If you find the BRATTY diet insufficient, then add foods which contain lots of fiber.

If you have high fever and your diarrhea has unusually lasted for 2 days already, then it’s time for you to seek the medical assistance of your doctor.

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