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What in the world is Horehound Candy?

Is Horehound Candy any good?

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All about Horehound Candy

• It is a type of candy which tastes bittersweet. This is the reason why not everyone would appreciate the unique taste of this candy.
• It is actually part of the mint family even though some people would say that it has the hint of root beer, licorice and mint all over it.
• It is dark brown in color.
• It is usually coated with sugar.
• It is often sold in lozenges or in lengthy sticks measuring 5 inches.
• Specialty shops, living history museums and old fashioned candy stores are the ones which usually sell this unique product.
• If you have a white horehound plant at home, then you can simply gather its fresh or dried leaves and make a horehound candy out of them.
• Herbal tea and cough drops can be made out of this plant as well.

Home Made Horehound Candies

• In making a horehound candy at home, you would first need to put the flowers and leaves of the plant in a bowl of boiling water. Add sugar and even corn syrup into the bowl. After that, heat the bowl up to 300°F. This is the perfect temperature that would harden your home made horehound candies.
• Next, look for a shallow baking dish or a buttered sheet pan and pour the mixture into it. Leave the mixture untouched for no more than 4 minutes. Then, get ready to roll it into sticks or balls. If you have a candy mold handy at home, then you can use that product as well. You also have the option to create lozenges out of your hardened horehound mixture.
• Don’t forget to place some corn starch or sugar to your candy molds if ever you plan to use them for this process.

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