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What are the Health Dangers of of Drinking Soda and Coca-Cola Soft Drinks?

Are Soft Drinks Really Bad for You? Does drinking Soda like Pepsi and Coke cause Health Risks?

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It’s the real thing! It’s that refreshing! It obeys your thirst! These are just some of the slogans of famous soda companies that have attracted countless drinkers all over the world. It has the highest market share for major beverages since it is addictively wanted by most people of all ages.

Even if it tastes that great, it has long been reminded and discouraged that drinking soda has a lot of negative health effects. Surprisingly, these warnings haven't made a significant influence on soda sales. Soda is still everybody’s favorite. What makes soda an unhealthy and addicting drink are its harmful contents.

Regular soda consumption contributes to weight gain which leads to obesity. This is due to the fact that soda has high sugar content and it’s too addicting that drinkers wouldn’t notice they are piling up extra calories. There have been some studies made suggesting that even diet soda, or known to have zero sugar, can still cause weight gain. Some experts, on the other hand, are more interested in studying the effect of artificial sweeteners or sugar substitutes in diet soda.

Another unpleasant effect of sugar in soda is tooth decay. The acid in soda can also cause tooth enamel erosion which turns teeth to be yellowish in color. Surprising, in the United States and other countries, it’s intriguing to know that as the number of soda drinkers increased, the level of tooth decay cases have actually decreased in recent years.

Caffeine, considered as a psychoactive drug, is present in soda. It is known to disturb brain functions and keeps one alert for several hours. Drinking soda on a regular basis would likely lead to caffeine tolerance. One can stop such craving by reducing soda consumption first before full withdrawal. It was believed that some foods have caffeine in order to have an addicting effect which would result to increased sales for the product.

Another element in soda that has a negative effect to the body is phosphorus. Soda consumption has a correlation to decreased milk consumption. When the level of phosphorus in the blood is high and calcium is low, phosphorus tends to drain calcium from bones and reduce bone density.

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