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Do certain foods give you Gout?

Are there particular foods that can bring you Gout?

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If a food contains a high level of purines, then there’s a great possibility that it can cause you to experience gout. It is because these foods contain a lot of cholesterol and fat as well.

What are these kinds of food?

• bouillon
• caviar
• beef broth
• sweetbreads
• white meat such as pork and poultry
• red meat
• kidney meat
• liver meat
• yeast
• sardines
• mussels
• herring

Foods Which Contain Minimum Amount of Purines

• asparagus
• mushrooms
• spinach

Gout Causing Drinks

• extremely sweet beverages
• beer

What is Gout?

• It is a form of arthritis caused by accumulated solid uric acid in one’s joints.Uric acid is found in a person’s urine and it is separated from the bloodstream courtesy of the human kidney.
• It is caused by excessive uric acid in one’s body due to the kidney’s inability to eliminate the specific acid.
• It produces inflammation which can be quite painful

Other Gout Causing Factors

• Hyperuricemia – a condition in which uric acid is abnormally produced by the body resulting to excessive amount of the substance.
• kidney failure for this organ is responsible in eliminating too much uric acid from human body

How to Treat the Condition

• Eat nuts, olive oil and tofu to facilitate the proper elimination of uric acid from your system.
• Consume lots of water
• Consume dairy items which are low in fat.
• Have a food diet which is low in protein.
• Eat foods which contain a minimum amount of cholesterol and fat. Your body’s calories shouldn’t mainly come from fatty foods as well.
• Seek the advice of your physician with regards to a specific diet plan or anti-inflammatory medication which can help lessen the pain from your gout.

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