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What are the Characteristics of Blackout Drinking?

What happens when you Blackout Drinking?

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What is Blackout Drinking?

• It is a condition which results from excessive alcohol drinking alone.
• It can happen quickly to someone or not. It would all depend on his or her kind of lifestyle, genetic make up, mental stability and weight.
• Actually, the individual doesn’t literally pass out or faint away. It just affects the person’s brain activities.
• Before a person experiences the full effects of blackout drinking, he or she acts silly which is expected from someone who is already drunk.
• The drinker often acquires selective amnesia on the very next morning after one’s drinking session.
• He or she might be able to recall a few things which happened last night but this depends on each situation.
• He or she will also feel distressed, disoriented and confused.
• It can cause danger to someone as it implies that the person can’t control one’s consumption of alcohol. He or she might need professional help regarding this matter.
• One might get involved in a fight and may acquire wounds. He or she won’t be able to determine the cause of those injuries because of blackout drinking.
• Some guys might take advantage of women who are about to experience blackout drinking. Thus, this habit isn’t really recommended for females who can’t handle themselves well.
• Drinking hard liquors on a daily basis is not even a guarantee that you won’t be able to experience blackout drinking anymore. You have to always remember that too much of something often leads you to no good.
• If someone experiences blackout drinking over and over again, then there’s a great possibility that he or she is already an alcoholic. Thus, the individual definitely needs the help of counselor to help him or her get out from one’s destructive drinking habits.

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