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What makes food "Kosher"?

What determines whether or not food is considered Kosher?

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Any food that qualifies in the Jewish diet and undergoes preparation following the rules of kashrut is considered as kosher food. All kosher foods are called Jewish but not all Jewish foods are viewed as kosher. Just take a look at kishka, kugela and kreplach. These foods are Jewish items, but they aren’t kosher which actually means “fit” in English.

Kosher doesn’t pertain to food alone. It can also be used to describe a Jewish thing or event. The term can even be found in the English language as an adjective that means proper or legitimate.

Here are the foods that Jewish people consider as kosher based on their Torah and on a few rabbinic rules:

• Herring, carp and tuna are viewed as kosher foods for their scales and fins can be removed easily. However, they must be cut by a proper fish monger with the use of appropriate utensils and equipments.
• Turkeys, geese, ducks, and chickens are the only kosher poultry items in US.
• Goats, sheep and deer.

Below are the some kosher rules by the Jewish religion:

• Plates and kitchen utensils must be placed in separate containers after they have been washed separately as well for them to be considered as kosher.
• An animal should be killed without experiencing any pain (shechita) for it to be viewed as a kosher food. A trained professional must do this procedure. After that, the animal’s inedible fat, nerves and blood should be eliminated from the animal too and experts must make sure that it doesn’t have any sickness.
• A rabbi should be present in the preparation of processed kosher food.
• Meat and milk should be served separately.
• The same rule applies to meat and fish.

If you still find it hard to determine whether a certain food is kosher or not, then simply look at the package of the item and search for the kashrut certification which has the word pareve or the letter K in it.

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