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Are there any differences between Pickles and Gherkins?

What Makes Pickles Different From Gherkins?

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What are Pickles?

• They came from the Dutch word ‘pickel’.
• They are not gherkins.
• They are cucumbers which are placed in vinegar or brine solutions for the pickling process.
• They are made through souring by lacto-fermentation.

What are Gherkins?

• They fall under the ‘cucumis sativus’.
• Gherkin came from ‘gurkkiin’ which is a Dutch word.
• Actually, they are pickles.
• Also, they are fruits which have the same nutritional content with a cucumber. In fact, young pickled cucumbers are considered as gherkins by people living in North America.
• They can be considered as smaller versions of a cucumber
• They are crispier than dill pickles. However, if you want your West Indian gherkins to have a crispier texture, then you can place some horseradish into them.
• They serve as condiment vegetables for they are not actually eaten as main dishes but rather some sort of spice that can enhance the taste of a certain dish or recipe.
• By the way, gherkins are best eaten with burgers. Thus, try this food combination during one of your snack breaks.
• They are picked when they already measure 3 inches. After that, they would be pickled in small containers which are filled with brine or vinegar. If you want to know more about how a gherkin is being pickled, then you can do a small research over the World Wide Web on the exact steps of the whole process.
• On the other hand, burr gherkins are usually picked when they are already 1.5 inches long. A burr gherkin which has a length beyond this given measurement would surely taste unpleasant and bitter. Thus, you should never pick a very long burr gherkin if you don’t want your efforts to all go down the drain.

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