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What Makes a Rutabaga Different From a Turnip?

Differences between a Rutabaga vs. a Turnip?

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Believe or not, rutabagas and turnips are 2 different crops. They may look the same from the outside but they totally have different characteristics from the inside. Thus, here’s a comprehensive article that would explain why rutabagas are different from turnips.

The Similarites between a Rutabaga and a Turnip

• These crops both grow in cool weather.
• They both fall under the family of mustards.

What are Rutabagas?

• Rutabagas only became known to the world when the 18th century came.
• It has the characteristics of a cabbage and a turnip.
• It has 38 chromosomes. 18 chromosomes comes from cabbage and the rest comes from turnips.
• It is a crop which is starchier, tougher, rougher and larger than a turnip.
• Its flesh is of the color yellow. However, it can have a white flesh as well on very rare occasions.
• Cooked rutabagas have yellow orange flesh.
• The leaves of rutabagas are usually applied in salads.
• It tastes sweeter than turnips.
• It can stay fresh in a refrigerator for a maximum of two weeks.
• More rutabagas grow from September to June.

What are Turnips?

• Turnips have already existed since the Paleolithic era as an essential food in the tables of ancient families around the globe.
• The Romans even formally gather to discuss how they are going to prepare the turnips that they have gathered.
• It has 20 chromosomes.
• Its flesh is color white but it can have the shade of yellow from time to time.
• The flesh of cooked turnips maintains its original color.
• The leaves of turnips are more commonly used than rutabagas greens.
• It has a bitter taste.
• You can only let a turnip stay inside a refrigerator for a maximum of 7 days.
• More turnips grow from October to March.

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