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What is the corkscrew wine opener that Tool singer Maynard Keenan used in the movie Blood Into Wine?

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The crazy looking corkscrew that Maynard James Keenan used in the documentary film "Blood Into Wine" is called the Cork Pops Shark Corkscrew.

There are similar cockscrews called the Lazy Fish Corkscrew Wine Opener.  The Original Lazy Fish Corkscrew opener is from England and can typically be bought for $40 to $50  (that's if you can find it.. check Ebay).  The Original version will say "Lazy Fish" on the corkscrew opener itself.  You can find a similiar Pisces Fish Corkscrew at amazon for about $30.

Video of the Lazy Fish Corkscrew bottle opener:

A very similiar looking Corkscrew to that of the original Lazy Fish Corkscrew has been released by the Hahn Trading Co. in the U.K. called the Hahn Fish Corkscrew. At this point it seems to only be available at the store here:

no, its not. its a CorkPops Chrome Shark Wing Corkscrew. And I cant find it anywhere.
Thanks Clark, I just went back a viewed Blood into Wine.... At the 24 minute mark, you can tell it is NOT a Lazy Fish wine opener, and does in fact look like the Cork Pops Chrome Shark Wing Corkscrew wine opener.  Video:   Amazon: –  Doug  Feb 7th, 2012 at 8:28 AM

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