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Which has more calories per ounce Wine or Beer?

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On average, Beer has a lower calorie count per ounce than Wine. However, usually people who drink beer, often drink more, since 12 ounces are in a bottle, while a typical wine glass may be filled with only 6 ounces of wine. So while wine typically has more calories than beer per ounce, a wine drinker will often drink less calories than if they were to a drink beer, for the simple fact that they will usually consume fewer fluid ounces.

A good way to remember this by is the higher the alcohol content in a drink, the more calories per ounce it will have. See below for a listing of Beer and Wine calories per ounce:

Bud Light - 9
Budweiser - 12
Coors Light - 8.5
Sam Adams Boston Lager - 13
Yuengling Ale - 12
Guinness Draught - 10.5
Stella Artois - 12
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale - 14.5

Red Wines - 18
Dry White Wines - 20
Champagne (Brut) - 21
Champagne (Extra Dry) - 29
Catawba (sweet) - 30
Liqueurs - 100-120
Madeira - 32
Port (U.S.) - 43
Port (imported) - 39
Sherry (U.S.) - 36
Sherry (dry, imported) - 32
Vermouth (dry, French) - 27
Vermouth (sweet, Italian) - 44
Wine calories per ounce:
Beer calories and carbs:

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