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Can you turn Peanut Butter into Diamonds?

Is it possible to Turn Peanut Butter into Diamonds?

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Turning Peanut Butter into Diamonds

• Yes, it’s possible. However, you should hold your horses.
• Your favorite spread can only turn into those sparkling stones if you place it under extremely high temperature and pressure levels. These things are not easy to acquire
• You need advanced scientific machines to get the diamonds that you want.
• If you don’t have these machines, then you would need to find a place which has a temperature of about 2,000°F so you can heat up your peanut butter. This type of place can’t exist on the surface of this planet
• Now, where can you get extreme pressure? This requirement is actually easier to achieve compared to extreme temperature. For the needed pressure, you just have to place your peanut butter between 2 diamonds. Squeeze the material using the precious stones. Diamonds belong to the toughest things on this planet so, you don’t need to worry about breaking them when you do this procedure
• Actually, most things can be turned into diamonds. After all, these gems are merely a type of carbon
• Pieces of a meteor can be transformed into a diamond. However, don’t expect huge diamonds from this process
• Millions of years are needed for natural diamonds to take form
• They are developed in the crust of the Earth because of the extreme pressure and temperature that can be found in that place
• Artificial diamonds made from peanut butter are not that pretty compared to natural ones
• They can never be as clear as the natural diamonds and they are really small. You would never appreciate them if you don’t know the fact that they are man-made diamonds
• They look cheap too so you won’t really have the chance to show them off to all of your friends. Thus, turning peanut butter into diamonds is not worth your time and effort.

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