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How do you Eat Acorns?

Is it possible for humans to eat Acorns?

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We might probably think that acorns are only for squirrels and rodents in the forest. Little do we know that they are also a favorite among the restaurants in the world. Acorns can be eaten and has a good taste if prepared correctly. There are actually a number of ways on how to eat acorn and make them palatable.

The most important thing to remember when eating acorn is to remove tannic acid to remove its bitter taste. Aside from that, tannic acid can be harmful for the human body. There are a number of ways to remove tannic acid from acorns. One is to boil them repeatedly and check if there is still tannic acid present in the water by checking if the water is brown or not. If there are still traces of the acid, then just boil the nuts in water again until tannic acid traces are gone. Another way of removing tannic acid is by putting the acorn nuts in a plastic bag and then put the bag in a running stream to blanch the acorn.

Acorns can be served in a platter and people will just usually roast the acorn. Since tannic acid is already gone, the acorns will now have a sweet mild taste. Sometimes, people will cook them with sugar. Acorns are also perfect as a sandwich spread mixed with butter. Some people would also grind acorns and mix them with their recipes. Oftentimes, restaurants do this to add flavor and taste to regular meals. It can also be a perfect substitute for coffee by grinding the nuts and brewing them. Acorn, like other nuts, can be a good source of oil. You have to choose the right type of acorn that contains a lot of oil to process.

These nuts are loaded with vitamins and minerals and they are a perfect food supplement. They can controls blood sugar levels as well as improve overall well-being.

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