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Wheat Germ? What is it?

What is a Wheat Germ?

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What is Wheat Germ food really about?

• It is a product which can give you several health benefits than you can ever imagine.
• It comprises more or less 2 ½% of a wheat kernel. That’s why it was given the name “Wheat”germ.
• Actually, the term germ in this food means germination and it doesn’t refer to any harmful bacteria. The germ allows the wheat grass to multiply because of its reproductive abilities so don’t go judging the food for its name alone.
• It is either fresh or toasted and both varieties actually taste good.
• It tastes like nut and it’s sweet.
• It can be found in flour, cakes, bread and cereals as well. It can even serve as an alternative to flour when baking.
• It blends well with yogurt, vegetables, eggs and meat too. Thus, you are free to include this food in your home made recipes.
• If you want to have a stronger immune system, be less susceptible to blood clots, heart illness and aging, then you can take advantage of the vitamin E which can be found in this food. This type of vitamin is an antioxidant that is truly needed by your body.
• It contains vitamins B3 and B1 as well which are good for one’s skin, hair, organs, muscles and energy level.
• It also has vitamin A, magnesium, calcium, riboflavin, iron and potassium
• 28% of this food is made of protein which is needed by our bodies for the nutrition of our cells and even for tissue repair.
• used by most body builders and athletes for its great nutritional content
• It’s a food that’s healthier to consume compared to meat, grains and most vegetables.
• It has a total number of 23 nutrients.
• It can be found in supermarkets and in any grocery store.

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