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What are the Different Uses of Benzoate?

What is Benzoate? What is Benzoate used for?

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When you look at your drink or any processed food, notice that there is an ingredient called sodium benzoate or benzoic acid which is very popular in sodas, juices, and canned goods. There are also traces of sodium benzoate in fresh fruits and vegetables since this is actually a naturally occurring chemical. This is a chemical compound that is very popular in the food and cosmetic industries. The USA Food and Drug Administration have declared benzoate as a harmless substance as long as it does not exceed the required amount and it should not be mixed together with Vitamin C or ascorbic acid. The combination of ascorbic acid with sodium benzoate is actually very harmful to the body because these two substances would form into chemical benzene which is a carcinogen and can cause leukemia, mitochondrial damages, and even cell death.

There are a lot of uses of sodium benzoate. Food preservative is the most common use of this substance. Canned goods such as meat, beans, fish, noodles, and pickles contain sodium benzoate to lengthen the shelf life of the product. Sodas are a very common source for sodium benzoate since benzoate also acts as a food coloring. That is why people who regularly consume softdrinks have a relatively high benzoate substance in their bloodstream.

Aside from food, the cosmetic industries have found benzoate as a very useful tool in their products. This substance does not allow bacteria to thrive in cosmetic products, making these products harmless to use. Lotion, deodorants, shampoo, lipstick, toothpaste, and face powder all contain sodium benzoate. Medicines such as pills and syrups also contain sodium benzoate.

Another great use of this substance is that it is a corrosion inhibitor, which makes it very useful to industrial materials because it prevents metals from rusting. Often times they are used in cans for softdrinks, household cleaners, as well as an effective substance for machine cleaners.

Sodium benzoate should be used carefully especially by the different manufacturers. Its uses have found to be very useful and helpful but the inability to use it safely may endanger our health.

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