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How are Sprinkles Different from Jimmies?

Differences between Sprinkles and Jimmies?

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What are Sprinkles?

• It is the name given by New Yorkers to chocolates that are coated with candy and which can be found on ice cream tops.
• It can also be considered as the international name of Jimmies. That is because the term Jimmies is not a popular world among people who are living outside the United States except for New England.
• They are circular in shape. They are not cylindrical unlike Jimmies.
• They are hard. However, they are still sweet treats that you surely enjoy.
• They are relatively small but they can be seen with the naked eyes.
• They are available in different colors especially the bright ones.
• These treats are certainly affordable. Thus, you would surely be able to get them in your favorite grocery store without going beyond of your budget.
• They are delightful additions to most cold desserts.
• They don’t come in all ice cream flavors so make sure that you request the person in charge to put some sprinkles on your order if you want to.

What are Jimmies?

• It is a term that came from sprinkles.
• The origin of this word can be traced in Bethlehem where there was a man named Jimmy who worked at the Born Candy Company and operated a sprinkles machine.
• It is the name given by people living in a few parts of New England, Philadelphia and Boston to chocolates that are coated with candy and which can be found on ice cream tops.
• These candies have a cylindrical figure.
• They are soft.
• They are of the color brown.
• They are usually available in chocolate flavors.

Similarities between Sprinkles and Jimmies

• They make ice creams more delightful.
• They add color to the cold dessert.

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